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Dieser Termin endet am 24 Juni 2016

The Vinyasa flow yoga is based in the connection between breath and movement. The practice will be built on a variety of poses´ sequences linked to each other through breath, creating a flow and combining this with longer pauses in some poses. This focus on the breath will help the mind to calm down and concentrate. The physical outcome will depend in our personal focus of the practice, being more or less intense depending on the disposition and energy of each of us.
In my classes I like to be creative and let the student to be creative as well, making the practice playful as well as challenge. The sequences will be made with progressions and I will give options that will allow everybody to go on their own pathway or level.
Every 3rd Friday of each Month ” PAY WHAT YOU CAN YOGA”
“Yoga is for everybody, but in this crazy world is not on everybody´s hand to afford this practice with the guide of a teacher. In a world moved by money, very often people without it are in a deep need of what Yoga can give you. Sometimes only the possibility of sharing a space and some time with others while breathing at the same time is enough to break the borders that we put within ourselves or with others. Even if you are a student, a fitness lover, a refugee, a firemen, a bussiness woman, a lazy person, a professional clown, a dentist or an artist with or without money, you are welcome to this practice and pay what you really can at the end of the class. I will be happy to share this time and space with you.”
This is a practice open to everybody to celebrate sharing and let any difference out of the mat. The practice is by donation – you can also use yoga süd cards – but we suggest a minimum of 5€